The Foundation’s operating costs are fully funded by the Board Members and income from investments. Therefore, every dollar donated directly impacts and enhances public education in Oak Ridge.

2016 Donated Services

Valedictorian Society
($10,000 +)  1

High Honor Roll
($100 +)  1

Tracy J. Larabee

2016 Donors

Salutatorian Society
($5,000 +)  4

Thom Mason and Jennifer Macgillivray
Teresa Myrick
James and Rebecca Rushton
Barry Stephenson

Superintendent's List
($2,000 +)  2

Cadre 5
Discovery Education

Principal's List ($1,000 +)  17

Benita and Mark Albert
Mike and Janice Belbeck
Wayne and Pat Clark
Richard and Beverly Davis
Bob and Jean Eby
Travis Howerton
John and Lois McKeever
Fred and Laura McLean
Patricia Postma
Restoration Services, Inc.
Murray and Mimi Rosenthal
Bob and Carol Smallridge
Chad and Jessica Steed
Bill and Cathy Toth
Walmart Stores, Inc.
Mildred K. Wallace

Dean's List ($500 +)  13

Martha Adler-Jasny
Jackie and James Ball
Jeremy Biggs
Ivan Boatner
Kelly Callison
Jim and Priscilla Campbell
Christopher James Corwin
Warren and Judy Gooch
Jean and Donna Reat
Shirley Raines
Steve Sapirie
John W. Smith, Jr.
Mayo and Mary Uziel

High Honor Roll ($100 +)  32

Mary Elizabeth Alexander
Ralph and Belinda Aurin
Jean Bangham
Bedinger Consulting Engineers
David and Sandy Bradshaw
Robert and Patty Cook
Roy Dehart and Julia Goodlett
Mark and Karen Downing
Allen and Susan Ekkebus
Gordon and Miriam Fee
Keys and Mealanie Fillauer
Arlene Garrison
Robert Grisaffe
Ron and Melinda Hillman
Rayford, Jr. and Marilyn Hosker
Wes and Norma James
Travis and Rachel Jones
James and Judith Keiser
Jim and Sarah Kolb
Herbert and Carolyn Krause
Ivy Lalonde
Joseph and Thelma McGrory
Jim and Cindy McKay
Chet and Jane Morris
John Pryse
Eva and Dan Robbins
James and Mildred Scott
Ted and Angela Sherry
Russell P. Smith
John E. Storey
TN Bank
David and Cindi Wehrly

Honor Roll  11

Ellen Andrews
Eva Andrews
Tracey Beckendorf-Edou
Glen Greer
Melvin and Edith Halbert
Louise McKown
Randy and Janice McNally
Ann Mostoller
Jim Nutaro and Angela Smith
Kent and Jennifer Ogle
Robert Summer